an eco b&b in the Alps
Il Vecchio Borgo
Nucleo Abitato Viceno 60
28862 Crodo (VB)

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Terrarara si trova a Viceno di Crodo, in Alta Ossola, a 24 chilometri dalla Stazione ferroviaria internazionale di Domodossola e a 110 chilometri dall’aeroporto intercontinentale di Malpensa.

Latitudine: 46° 13′ 58.06” N, longitudine: 8° 18′ 25.68” E, altitudine 900 metri s.l.m.

GPS: 46.232795, 8.307133

Terrarara is in Viceno di Crodo in Alta Ossola, 24 kms from the Domodossola International Train Station and 110 kms from Malpensa Intercontinental Airport.

Latitude: 46° 13′ 58.06” N
longitude: 8° 18′ 25.68” E
900 metri above sea level

GPS: 46.232795, 8.307133

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If you love nature
If you like sky blue and tree green
If you enjoy counting stars
If you believe that climbing a mountain brings you a bit closer to the sky
If you want to sleep on a great mattress under a soft duvet
If you think that breakfast is the best meal of the day
If you are looking for a place as warm and welcoming as your own home
If you are looking for a nest where to rest
Terrarara is the place for you!

Photo by Roberto Bianchetti, web design Andrea Bianchi studio