Viceno is a pretty town 900 metres above sea level at the foot of Monte Cistella, life rotates around the seasons and the church bells which ring out the hour, every hour, day and night.
The town of characteristic dry stone houses is small but has everything to offer: a church, a carpenter, a wash house, a stable selling cheeses and dairy products, a hotel and a small shop. It even offers a house-museum recalling the simple, rigorous lifestyle of farmers in years gone by; the museum can be visited by appointment.

Together with Mozzio and Cravegna, Viceno is located on the largest orographic terrace in Valle Antigorio. The terrace is cut into two sunny balconies overlooking the bottom of the valley by the Alfenza creek and are connected by a panoramic road which is really worth seeing because of its breathtaking views which still today are relatively anthropized.

The lush pastures extending from the slopes of Monte Cistella to above Viceno are a perfect territory for breeding and the production of excellent cheeses (ranging from the delicious Grasso d’Alpe to the characteristic Ossolano): restaurants in the area serve the cheeses blending tradition with innovation as well as cured meats, breads, meat, honey and local herbs.

The numerous paths leading to the mountain tops are suitable for walking, running or mountain biking. The most spectacular climb leads to Cistella, a rare beauty at 3000 metres above sea level. Many of the paths, particularly the one which from the panoramic road connects Viceno and Cravegna leading to Deccia, are safe to use even during winter with skis or snowshoes.
Deccia is where paragliders take off in flight during the summer season, while boulder fans find paradise at Alpe Foppiano right above Viceno. The territory is an open air gymnasium offering numerous sporting activities from canyoning to mountain climbing, from nordic walking to trekking. Viceno is furthermore right in the center of the most important ski resorts in the Ossola area: Domobianca, San Domenico, Devero and Formazza.

One of the outstanding events in the area is Presepi sull’acqua, that is Nativity Scenes On The Water (December/January), a open air exhibition which links around 50 evocative installations made by the local inhabitants on fountains, rivers and troughs. The cribs can be visited all day and night and are a tribute to the element of water which runs through the thermal baths in close by Premia. Our B&B has a special rate with the thermal baths.

If what they say about tranquillity and solitude being luxury tourism in the 21st century is true, the uncontaminated nature and remote corners of our territory are priceless jewels.