Your “tailor made” holiday

A needle and thread and we will cut to fit your dream holiday

Feel like something different? Sports today, architecture tomorrow? What will I do if the weather is bad?
Let us have your wish list in advance and, according to the season, we will be able to arrange the ideal holiday for your taste with local operators and guides.

The area offers numerous points of interest:


ranging from the dry stone houses in Canova di Oira to the hydroelectric power stations by Piero Portaluppi


discover local Ossola skills


from our own hydrotherapy circuit to the spas in the area and the Terme di Premia


from canyoning, to the Orridi di Uriezzo to the zipline on Lago Maggiore

Flowers and fauna

from a visit to the centennial chestnut tree in Maglioggio, to the gardens in Villa Taranto to the alpine ibex in the Cingino dam in Valle Antrona


choose among wine, cheese, beer, and chocolate manufacturers and local restaurants

Bewitching lakes

from Lago Maggiore to Lago D’Orta passing through magnificent villas and gardens

Christmas festivities

winter time with markets and nativity scenes on the water

Religion and the area

a visit to the most beautiful churches in Alta Ossola

Outdoor sports

from nordic walking to ski mountaineering, to paragliding and soft air

Life in the mountains

from a guided tour to the Casa Museo della Montagna to a day in a mountain cabin with locally produced polenta and dairy products or “scarghé” during autumn

NB The feasibility of outdoor activities may change according to the season. Any costs related to local guides and experts is not included in the B&B rate and will be submitted to our guests for approval before confirmation.